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What Do We Do?

Club member at an eventWhen there is an emergency, or a planned operation that requires our capabilities we are tasked by one of our partners.  We will then:-

  • Call out our members using the SMS Responder system that sends text messages to the members of our team that are required.
  • We either pull out a previously developed contingency plan (where appropriate) or develop and Immediate Action plan to initiate the deployment and get the required capability up and running as soon as possible.
  • We then home the plan and implement the logistics plan to ensure that our assets are fully supported. This includes fuel and consumables for the equipment and welfare support for the operators, including development and implementation of shift plans where and if appropriate.
  • When deployed our mission is to provide the required communications capability where and when it is needed and to pass messages through that, or any other communication system that the tasking agency requires us to use, for which we have the right competencies.
  • Once the situation is under control, or ends we then withdraw, debrief, capture lessons learnt and then go back to our day jobs.

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